Mr. & Mrs. Moduno / by Derek Slagle

The thing I love most about Kansas City (and believe me there is a lot to love about Kansas City) are the people and the sense of community created here.  I met the Modunos at Second Best Coffee but I met them way before that on Instagram.  My daughter and I were able to spend the morning with them recently while they were on a stay-cation.  

What is apparent when you meet them, and if you just look at their personal accounts (@mrs_moduno & @mr_moduno) or webpage (, is that this is a couple who loves each other - a love that is deep, and genuine, and proud.  That love and kindness and companionship they exude is contagious and made a simple morning out shooting fun and memorable.  

I'd highly recommend them if you're looking for someone to shoot your wedding and make sure to say hi if you ever run into them while out for coffee.

Here are just a few of the photos I took:

Additionally, I shot hybrid (film and digital) so you can compare and contrast the two photographic mediums.

Photographs from the Pentax 67ii and Fujifilm 400h film. Developed and scanned at TheFINDLab