Kansas City Chiefs on the Pentax 67ii (Medium Format Film) / by Derek Slagle

I had sideline access to the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Tennessee Titans while shooting for VisitKC (Kansas City tourism).  In addition to my digital kit I took along my Pentax 67ii medium format film camera and two lenses (105/2.4 & 300/4.0).  This is significant because this camera not only produces a dramatically different image from my modern dslr cameras in terms of bokeh, focus, and dimensionality but pragmatically this camera is not well-suited for sports photography.  The camera is massive and handholding below 1/250 second is almost impossible with the weight of the lenses/camera and the massive shutter on the camera.  Additionally, the camera is manual focus (and the 105/2.4 is equivalent to a 50/1.1 on a full-frame 35mm camera) which makes moving subjects difficult to nail with focus - besides the focus is so narrow I've had to become really adept at focusing this camera on the fly.  I was on the sidelines with photographers shooting 10 frames per second and trying to create something that I think is unique but with a film camera that only gets 10 shots per roll.  I feel this camera made for a great companion camera to my digital setup and I'm really pleased with a few of the images.  There is just something about this camera, and the resulting images, that I get really excited about and I thought Arrowhead stadium and the KC Chiefs was a great venue to try and create a different kind of sports image.


... Stay tuned for the digital photographs